Friday, 16 November 2012

And Breathe

This week has been so unbelievably busy. I don't want to go into the boring details but it's been a flipping roller coaster, emotionally and physically. I've really been through so much in one week I'm surprised I'm feeling so calm (I certainly wasn't at some points). All I can say is I'm glad to be home, and I'm glad I've got the weekend to relax, ok well not relax, but do things at a slower pace. 

Today I'd like to share some links and little updates with you:

-I'm currently using this desktop calendar for November. Oana shares one each month on her blog. I can't wait for the December one! I know it will be beautiful and festive

-I've just switched over to this brand of hair care, I'm starting out with the Jojoba ones (2nd page). They're vegan, organic, free of harmful chemicals and totally affordable. I'm loving them. (I've even started using a bit of the conditioner on Orlaith and her hair loves it too)

-I'm so excited to have started planning a trip for next year to USA. I want to visit a few new places this time and one of them will definitely be Key West, and I absolutely can't wait

-This is one of my favourite blogs. Every time I visit I leave with the biggest smile on my face. The illustrations are genius

-Orlaith and I got invited to this cute performance by the magazine I used to write for. She will love it!

-I've been teaching Orlaith (and myself) Spanish using this book and these flash cards. It's so fun learning a new language at a gentle pace together. I can't wait to gain a bit more fluency

-I'm so thankful for my supportive friend who looked after Orlaith when I had to spend the day travelling half way across England and back yesterday (7 hours on trains and in taxis people! I was pooped when I got back, and really still am)

-There are still a couple of days left to enter my giveaway ending this Sunday here

Have a wonderful weekend x


  1. That's a huge day of traveling. It's great you had someone to look after Orlaith.

  2. so. your little button over there on the side? right there? ----->
    Yeah. It's adorable. Just thought you should know.

    Here's to this LONG week being over!
    Deep breaths. (:
    This week will be better.



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