Saturday, 1 December 2012

Shine Bright

Hello December! We've been waiting for you. For me December is a month filled to the brim with family, food and extra fun outings. December is a month that makes me appreciate how lucky I am. I honestly wouldn't care if I didn't get one present for Christmas, for me it's really about family and friends.

We ended November with a new routine: earlier nights, earlier mornings and more structured days and meal times. My little chick has been getting over tired lately, and you know what that means...? Unruly behaviour! When I break up from university in 2 weeks time we're going to start sleep training which means Orlaith, in bed, going to sleep on her own. They say it's tough, and I believe them. I've never minded lying down next to her to sleep, but now I need the evenings to study, and on some nights it can take between 1 and 3 hours for her to get to sleep, by which time I'm too exhausted to re-activate my brain.

With easier/earlier nights I think we'll both do a bit better during the day. Shine bright little stars x


  1. Ti sounds like you will be busy getting little miss on a sleep schedule on her own! We are getting ready to do the same here. Get ready for some screaming and crying nights...UGH!
    I love the pictures of your daughter covered in lights!!!

  2. arww, this is sooo cute! have a good christmas time!

  3. What an adorable picture! I love December! & I am in love with your daughters name! Lovely blog :)

  4. Ah lovely photos, I love getting the fairy lights out at Christmas but sorta wanna use them all year around xxx

  5. Lovely photos!
    Im a new follower



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