Rio Lagartos


Rio Lagartos is a cute little fishing town about two hours from Valladolid on the northern side of the Yucatan Peninsula. It's charming in it's own little way however there are one or two things that I think are worth mentioning in case anyone is planning on going. The first, very important, thing is that the closest cash machine or bank is one hour away by bus or car. You cannot draw money anywhere in Rio Lagartos so if you come, come with cash! The other thing is you should have a strong stomach for the smell of fish if you plan on visiting as there is a constant whiff lingering in the air. OK, now onto the good stuff!

What drives the tourists to Rio Lagartos are it's flamingos and pink lagoon. It's also great for bird watchers apparently. However I found the tourist companies somewhat dishonest and really driven by making as much money as possible which I found a shame. However I didn't let it get in the way of enjoying my experience.

We booked an early morning boat trip to see everything and the whole trip was just beautiful. We set off at sunrise and saw some beautiful birds (including flamingos), some interesting fish and even a crocodile. We then went to the pink lagoon (laguna rosada) which gets its pink colour from tiny microorganisms high in beta-carotene. Lying in this pink lagoon is like lying on top of a giant helium balloon due to the high salt content, as soon as I lay in the water I practically popped straight out again. It was a strange but really fun sensation.

After having a paddle in the pink lagoon we went to a mud bath and covered ourselves in mud before heading to a natural spring to wash ourselves off. The whole trip was really special and the most perfect way to start the morning. Luckily the fish smell didn't follow us out onto the water, but it sure returned when we got back to shore haha.



  1. Alex your photos are amazing! They make me want to go on holiday now!!!

    rosie xx

  2. How awesome! That pink lagoon looks sooo trippy ;)

  3. I have adored all of these photos. Thank you so much for sharing.

    The Rambling Fangirl


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