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I've mentioned before that last year (in 2015) I put a travel ban on myself so that I could save some money and I guess to see how not travelling would affect me. I think I wanted to find a bit more acceptance with my life where it is. And, I really think the past year put some things into perspective for me.

Not only was not travelling hard, it was pretty much unbearable. And here are my thoughts on that: if I am so desperate to escape and have holidays from my life then maybe I'm not living the right life for me. I understand that it's normal for people to want to go on holidays but my desires to get away almost verge on desperation, and I always dread returning home a bit.

To be honest, the life I'm living right now isn't how I picture my life. When I think of how I'd like my life I see an almost opposite scenario. For a few years now I've had a dream of moving abroad and I think being stuck in England for a whole year without a break has given me the push to take my dream seriously. This is my one and only life and I need to act accordingly.

I'm not saying I'm moving abroad right now. I don't have a plan. Just a dream. And a passion to get out of this freezing cold country. I told Orlaith we'd be here at least until her birthday in March, and I asked her if she'd come on a big adventure with me. She agreed without hesitation. My co-pilot is on board and nothing else really matters.

So, I'm just putting a little tiny thought out there. I have a few things to sort out here but I'm hoping that in a few months we might be embarking on a great adventure, whether it's a trip which we return from, or a trip we don't return from... either way, I'm out of here!

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  1. that moving sounds exciting! what will be the destination?

  2. Exciting! You're right Alexandra, we only get one chance at it all, and it's a good tactic to imagine where you would like your life to be and then try and take steps to get there. I'm wishing you the very best of luck. CJ xx

  3. Sounds really exciting and without being a kill joy just make sure that your doing it for the right reasons. Sometimes we crave something that actually doesn't exist the reason we want to leave is that life hasn't quite turned out how we thought it would. That's not a bad thing. I a few years ago felt very similarly and I realised that I was running away from myself. Take time and think about what you really, want and need then go full steam ahead Lucy x

  4. I fully support you and I understand that, too, could not live without the Journey, new emotions and interesting events in my life.


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