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Orlaith's Bedroom Tour

Hanging Butterflies  - Similar / Bunny Pillow - Primark / Bed Sheets - Morleys
Play Kitchen - Ikea
Bookcase - Ikea / Table + Chairs - Ikea / Gro Clock - Here / Beatrix Potter Book Collection - Same Here

Wardrobe - Similar
It's official, we're moving home! I don't know when exactly but probably in the next two months. I'm excited and nervous at the same time. And then it crossed my mind that I've never really done a proper bedroom tour of Orlaith's room in the whole (almost) five years that we've lived here. It will be nice to have something for Orlaith to look back on when she's older. Her first proper bedroom.

Orlaith's room was lucky to get a lick of paint a couple of months ago so it's looking pretty fresh compared to the other rooms in our home. I've spent a lot of time over the last few months going through all our belongings, pairing things down to just what we need with little excess. Things are a lot less cluttered and a lot more manageable now. Not everything has a designated place yet, but most things do, and I don't think there's much point putting too much energy into it right now since we're moving so soon. 

All the furniture in Orlaith's room is ours so we'll be able to take everything with us when we move and set up her room fairly quickly. Next time round there's a few things I'd love to try in Orlaith's room, like adding some wall colour, maybe even try a patterned wall, adding some shelves and new art work, and perhaps investing in some blackout blinds, like these ones from VELUX, which I've heard promote better sleep. But for now, we're just enjoying the time we have left here together.

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This post was written in collaboration with VELUX

Mini Home Tour


It's been a long time coming but I've finally done a home tour of sorts. Things may look minimal but I've cheated a bit and haven't photographed my junk filled space which I'm still in the process of tackling. But keeping the rest of the space clear while the clearing out is happening is important to me so I can set a standard.


My bedroom is my favourite room. For me it needs to be a clean and clear space to help me switch off and relax. The wardrobe in my bedroom is actually empty right now. I have the same wardrobe in another room and all our clothes fit into it and I'm still deciding whether to keep this one or not. This room is next on the list to be repainted.


My kitchen (which is usually never this tidy) is the hardest space for me to keep on top of. I find doing the dishes so boring so it always gets left until the very end of the day. I promised I'd get myself a dishwasher at some point this year. Also I'd like to ditch the microwave soon... Baby steps.


My bike is massive and I have no where to store it so it's currently in my kitchen passage. This wall space used to be used as a coat hanging/white board space but the coat rack fell off last week so now it's the bike space.


Living Room
My living room is such a pain in the bum for me right now, it's just looking all wrong but replacing living room furniture is expensive. The empty shelf on the wall used to be packed with books. The majority have now been given away. I've got about 20 books left which all fit in my TV unit (which you can't see in this photo). The shelf is coming down and the room is to be painted. Also the table and chairs are temporary. I'm using this drop leaf table for now to save space but I don't really like it in here.


And finally a picture that makes me happy. When the sun shines it floods the rooms with light patterns and I get to ripen my fruit on the window sill. Someone came over today and was so confused by my fruit collection by the window.

I'm very indecisive when it comes to what goes into my home. Because my style is always evolving I've found that sticking to neutral colour schemes works really well for me. But things get hard when investing in new items for the home like furniture or wall art because they can cost a lot of money and they don't always look the way I envisioned them to look. Once I've finished painting the place I'm going to try to stop making my apartment a work in progress and turn it into a space I feel happy and relaxed in. A finished project.

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Home Improvements

wardrobe: ikea / toy shelves: ikea / bedside table: ikea / bed throw: argos / rug: habitat

Orlaith and I share a bedroom. This means there has to be a fair balance between child and adult decor. I kind of struggled with this to begin with, I always wanted my room to be my adult place, but I'm learning to share my space a lot better now.

There are a couple of things that are important to me in a bedroom. It has to be a calming place, which means calming colours and clutter free, and it has to be comfy and cosy with soft bedding and textures.

Out of all the rooms I painted the bedroom took the longest by far because the furniture was too big to move out. There's still quite a lot to do but I'm taking this last part slowly as I'm still working on the rest of the apartment, and I'm waiting for one of my friends (and his car) to do an ikea trip with me.
p.s. if you are curious about the two doors in my room, one of them leads to the hallway and the other to an en-suite bathroom. I didn't picture the bathroom because it's covered floor to ceiling in dark marble which is really hard to photograph, but it's a really lovely bathroom and whenever people come round they always gush over how nice it is.
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