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Reflection + Resolution


The dust has now settled on the whirlwind that was Christmas and we find ourselves standing here in a brand new year. A blank slate to make the next 365 days into whatever we want. It's quite an exciting thought. In the past I've made lists of too many goals (which were rarely met) but this year I knew instantly what changes I wanted to make for myself.

Last year my life changed a lot. It was quite a quiet year on the blog front, I'm such a closed person and I hate criticism so making big changes in my life, while they've been, without a doubt, amazing and positive for me, I have taken a step back from sharing too much because I wanted to feel 100% comfortable and confident with everything.

I don't often give myself credit, I focus on the things I didn't do a lot, instead of the things I did do, so it's fun when I give myself a moment to reflect and I see that I actually achieved so much in my personal life this year that I've been wanting to achieve for years.


In May this year I went vegan, something I've been working towards for about 3 years. My skin has never been better and my long battle with depression came to an end. There are hundreds of reasons why I'm in love with veganism but I would have done it for those two reasons alone. In addition to that, Orlaith started her vegan journey in September this year. I'm honestly so proud of her, she's handled it so well and has been so mature about the changes and embracing all her new food choices. It's been such a positive experience so far.

This year I started embracing minimalism and it's changed my life completely. In fact, I read through some old posts of mine the other day and I constantly talked about dealing with clutter and excess. I've finally actually dealt with it. My home has never looked better (it does still get messy, but that's life) and it allows me to focus on things that are really important instead of wasting time of pointless things without much purpose. I'm not 100% done but I'd say I've let go of around 70% of our belongings so far.

Other Changes
I always resolve to generate and save more money, and I put a travel ban on myself in 2015 so I could focus on saving. And I finally actually achieved that. OK, I chose to spend the money in the end (haha) but it was on something I deliberated over for a (very) long time and I don't regret my decision at all.  I've made some other big, more personal, changes this year (like getting braces and finally straightening my teeth) which I couldn't be more pleased about.

I think this year has been a lot about living in the now instead of resolving to do things in the future. Because all we really have is the present moment. In reflection it also seems to me like I've been trying to cleanse myself, perhaps to wipe the slate clean in a way. I'm realising that there's a certain way I'd like to live  my life and I can see myself working towards that.


So carrying on with the 'cleansing myself' theme I've decided that in 2016 I'm going to stop drinking. The goal is to go without alcohol for a year, and from there decide on the next step. I'm approaching it the same way I approached going vegan, without any pressure on myself. If I have a drink at some point in 2016 I won't kick myself for it, I'll just accept that I had a drink and carry on with my sobriety from there. What's the reason I want to stop drinking? There are lots, but in a nutshell drinking alcohol has been having a negative affect on my body and my mind recently. I don't drink a lot at all, but even small amounts of alcohol have been affecting me in big ways and it feels quite toxic right now. So I'm saying goodbye to the booze... for now.

The other thing I'd like to really buckle down to this year is getting my art business up and running. This has probably been a resolution for so many past years. But really, the lack of progression in this area is ridiculous. I need to have more faith in myself because I can do this. After cleansing my home of all the superfluous junk that allowed me to procrastinate so much before, and after showing myself that I can achieve things I perceive as being difficult, I think this year will be the perfect year to make progress in this area.

Have you made resolutions for 2016? If so, I'd love to hear them!

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30 Before 30

Happy 2015 friends!! I don't think I've ever felt so positive about starting a new year before. I feel completely ready to tackle the next 365 days and I've got loads of plans for the coming year. 

Looking back I think my word for 2014 was EXPLORE. I travelled so much last year. I took 14 flights, explored 3 continents, and enjoyed some of my favourite experiences to date. I dreamt my whole life of travelling the world and I'm so proud of myself for putting it high on my list of priorities the last few years. 

I do have a couple of resolutions this year, like saving money, exercising regularly and giving my apartment a makeover. But I've also had fun making a big list of 30 things I want to do before I turn 30! Some I've done before and some I haven't. But the list was made to encourage me to step (way) out of my comfort zone, to do things I know bring me happiness, and to achieve goals I've had for years but never had to courage or made the time to achieve.

Did you make any resolutions for the new year?

30 before 30

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GIVEAWAY | Project You 2015 Life Design Course [CLOSED]


A new year is the perfect time to make new goals, to assess where you want improvements to be made and it's a clean start to begin putting changes into practise. 2015 is a year I'm very excited about. Imagine if in 2015 you lived the life you really wanted to live, filled with the things you love. 

That's where Project You comes in. Project You is a 6 week online Life Design course run and designed by Selina Barker, one of the UK's top life design coaches (and she also happens to be my cousin). Project You gives you a chance to step back and really get clear on what you want to fill your life with and learn how to design your life so that you really DO fill it up with things you love.

Project You starts on 4th January and normally costs £89 ($139) to buy but there's currently an early bird sale, which ends in two days, where you can buy the course for £67. Project You is available to anyone anywhere in the world and I'll be taking part on the course too. So who's ready to make 2015 a year of positive changes with me?

The best news is I have one place on Project You to giveaway to one of my readers! Simply enter the giveaway below for your chance to win YOUR place on Project You 2015. And because I know everyone is busy over the Christmas period this giveaway will be open for an extended period until 31st January.

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Goals For 2014

There's something a little scary about talking about my personal goals with other people. For me it's the fear of not achieving them and feeling like a failure. But in reality the only person who would make me feel like that is myself, and I've had enough of letting fear stop me from reaching for my dreams.

So, here is my short list of goals for 2014:

  • Create a new source of income - This is the main goal I want to work on this year and the thing that probably needs the most work to achieve. I already have an income, but I would like to open new doors and create new opportunities. My goal is to earn each month, in additional income, enough to cover my rent.

  • Conquer my studies - With this I mean, having the discipline to attend all my lectures, do my homework on time, put enough time aside for studying so I'm not having to catch up, and not rushing to complete coursework right before it's submitted. I have found staying on top of everything so very hard since I started university. It's really time for me to conquer this.

  • Travel - Most of my travels for 2014 are already in the process of being booked. This is going to be a year full of travelling for me and I'm more than excited. 

  • Save Money - It's hard putting travelling and saving in the same list of goals as travelling has always ended up costing me so much. But this year I aim to travel on more of a budget than in previous years and put more money into savings.

  • De-Clutter - I've been working on de-cluttering consistently over the last year or two. But in the last few weeks I've been filling bags and bags for the charity store. I'd like to finally get everything out that I no longer need or don't have any use for. I find it hard letting go of so many things but I always feel better for it after and I never miss a single thing.

These are the things I'd like to focus on this year. I intend to write a more specific plan for each one at the beginning of each month, looking at my progress and setting little targets for myself to get me to where I want to be at the end of the year.

I get so inspired by other people's stories and their personal dreams so I'd love for you to leave a comment and share your goals for 2014 with me here.

My Resolutions

I'm going to go ahead and call my targets resolutions because it's the beginning of January. The majority of these targets were in place before January set in, some of them I've thought about and added in for good measure, but I'm always aware of my list of things I'd like to improve/accomplish. I constantly re-evaluate my goals and motivate myself to stay focused and do the best I can. Some of these I've developed into SMART targets, and some are simple enough to just stay a single sentence of what I want to achieve.

spend more quality time together


do more / love it

start yoga / drink more water

save it / make it

push yourself / do your best

work on it / grow it / love it

Time Management

don't fear them / develop them / trust in them
carry a notepad

I have a constant wish to be better, to do better, to learn more, to experience more. But ultimately I have one end goal in life, that is to fill it up with love and laughter. We only get one life, I want to live it the best way I can. Right now I work really hard, but that's so that in the (near) future I can spend my days earning a living doing something I love and travelling and being with my family. I don't seek the unachievable, I know my dreams are within my reach and that is a very comfortable and motivating thought. I think 2013 is going to be fantastic x

Goodbye 2012

The turn of the year is always a great way to look back at the previous year and see what was accomplished and to set new goals for the following year. I only started this blog in July so this is not really a review of the whole of 2012, but a review of what's been going on around here since then.

On a personal level I have achieved a lot this year. Last year I had no job and tiny little dreams. Here I am today, a working mother, a full time university student, and my dreams have grown enormously. In 2012 I learned to believe in myself. That was a life changer. 

So let's have a look at some of my favourites here on the blog in 2012...



1 / 2 / 3 / 4



I hope you all enjoy celebrating the end of 2012 and the beginning of 2013. I am actually recovering from a little bug so Orlaith and I will be spending our evening at home, and most probably getting an early night! Best wishes friends x
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