Wednesday, 23 April 2014

Beach Days

The great thing about where we're staying is having the beach by us. If I lived in Barcelona I don't think I would live by the beach but it's been nice being able to walk out the house and have your feet in the sand within seconds. 

When my brother was in Barcelona we spent a lot of time hanging out at the beach in between or after  excursions in the city. Orlaith and Jack had a lot of quality time together there too while I stayed at the apartment to get work done.

It was so nice to have Jack here, he's so good with Orlaith and it was nice for them to spend such a long stretch of time together. After he left her behaviour has gone down hill a bit. We've all been spoiling her too much and lately when she doesn't get what she wants there has been a bit of moaning which, to be quite honest, drives me round the bend. Haha. We've had words and I'm trying to work the whining out of the picture.  Fingers crossed it stops soon. It's totally my fault for allowing her to be so spoiled while we were on holiday. Lesson learned!

Tuesday, 22 April 2014

La Paradeta Round Two


After my visit to La Paradeta last week I couldn't quite get the place out of my head, and my brother couldn't get the photos I took of the food out of his head. So we took advantage of a beautiful day in Barcelona and travelled the short distance to Sagrada Familia to visit my new favourite restaurant and see some amazing Barcelona sights.

On this visit we ordered grilled monkfish and prawns, fried silver fish and mini squid and a plate full of cockels. The food didn't disappoint one bit. Orlaith tried everything and was especially obsessed with the fried food and the prawns. She polished off the cockels for us too when we couldn't eat any more. It's always good to have a four year old about.
If you're ever in Barcelona you must eat at La Paradeta. I insist.



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