Mexican Inspired Fashion

I put together this fashion list inspired by everything Mexico! Mexico is a country full of colour and culture. From the markets of Tulum, to the streets of Valladolid, to the house facades in Rio Lagartos, there are colours and patterns everywhere.  I used that inspiration to find some fun fashion finds. And of course, I had to feature hats, because it was so hot in Mexico that hats were essential!

mexican fashion inspiration.
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We Went Swimming With Whale Sharks in Mexico

Whale Sharks 109

This wraps up our Mexico trip and it does so in the most amazing way imaginable. When I first arrived in Mexico I didn't even know that swimming with whale sharks was an option. It was only by talking to my Mexican landlady in Tulum, who apparently goes every year in Isla Holbox, that I found out about this amazing experience.

Our summer away was very unplanned. We had a rough idea of where we wanted to go and what we wanted to see but we generally didn't book anything until a couple of days before we were ready to move on. So when we found out about the whale sharks it was easy for us to plan it into our trip.  So on one of my last days in Mexico I enjoyed one of the most amazing experiences of my life, and one that I would do again in a heartbeat.

Tulum | A Travel Guide

During my two weeks in Tulum I was able to experience a few places that I'd recommend for food & drinks, scenery and great places to hang out. And a few places that I definitely wouldn't recommend. So I'd like to share some of my favourite joints with you, in case you ever visit.

Food & Drink

Panna e Cioccolato
Av. Tulum 72Tulum 77400Mexico
Amazing gelato here. It's Italian, not Mexican, but if you want good ice-cream go to who does it best! We tried different flavours every time we visited and not once were we disappointed. There were two shops along Avenue Tulum and apparently another one on the beach somewhere.

Super Carne 

Calle Orion Lote 15, Tulum, Quintana Roo
This place is a meat shop and sells amazing meat, run by an Italian meat enthusiast. We bought from here every time we wanted meat to cook at home and we were always left so satisfied. It's located on Orion Sur just after La Parrillada restaurant. The guy who owns La Parrillada owns the meat shop so grab someone from inside the restaurant to help you.

La Nave
Av. Tulum Oriente Mz 3 Lote 7, Tulum, 77780 Tulum, QROO, Mexico
Orlaith and I only got a pizza and some orange juice here but we really enjoyed it. The juice was so good we ended up drinking five glasses between us! Friendly staff and good prices. On Avenue Tulum.


Cozumel 029

While staying in Playa Del Carmen we decided to do a day trip to Cozumel. It was easy enough to hop on the ferry and get there in around an hour. When we arrived we then jumped on another little boat with a glass bottom and were taken to some nice spots to snorkel. Orlaith held onto a life jacket and got pulled around in the water like a celebrity dog (or something). Even though she had learnt how to swim pretty well by this point she still hadn't quite come around to the idea of putting on goggles and looking in the water. 

Playa Del Carmen


After Rio Lagartos we did the most gruelling journey to Playa Del Carmen. The annoying thing is the two places are so close to each other but there is no road connecting them. Or if there is a road none of the bus companies used it. We spent about eight hours travelling in total and on the way I managed to leave Orlaith's backpack behind at one of our stops. It had all her toys and books in it, including all the new ones we had bought along the way. Major fail!

Rio Lagartos


Rio Lagartos is a cute little fishing town about two hours from Valladolid on the northern side of the Yucatan Peninsula. It's charming in it's own little way however there are one or two things that I think are worth mentioning in case anyone is planning on going. The first, very important, thing is that the closest cash machine or bank is one hour away by bus or car. You cannot draw money anywhere in Rio Lagartos so if you come, come with cash! The other thing is you should have a strong stomach for the smell of fish if you plan on visiting as there is a constant whiff lingering in the air. OK, now onto the good stuff!

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