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Depression is such an ever present part of my life. I wish it wasn't and I'll probably never get used to the ups and downs that come with it. As you may know I've spent the past two years taking anti-depressants, triggered by a really low point while I was studying at university. The pills were a blessing during a time in need and made me balanced and... normal. Of course there were days where I wasn't balanced in the slightest but the majority of the time it just made life feel a heck of a lot easier.

While I think the pills helped me I want to stress that I tried so many things before I resorted to taking anti-depressants and I think pills should be seen as a last resort. I even turned them down the first time the doctor recommended them to me because I wanted to look for other methods of support. But, in the end, it was affecting my ability to look after Orlaith too much so I took the decision to try them out.

Taking A Break


I just wanted to pop in and let you know, as you've probably already gathered, that I'm taking a short break from this space. I'm sorry for the silence. I wasn't planning to stop blogging at all during my trip but I've got to the point where I just want to be present. All the time. I'll be back home in one week at which point I'll be bombarding this space with lots of travel posts. This is an amazing journey I'm on, and while I'm ready to go home, I'm determined to get the most out of my last week away. I feel changed by this trip. I can't wait to tell you all about it x

Tulum | Papaya Playa Project


While in Tulum Warren took a scuba diving course which took up five days so Orlaith and I had a fair amount of free time on our hands to explore the area on our own.

We decided that since we hadn't been to the beach in Tulum yet that's where we'd go for a couple of days. Our map showed the beach not being too far from the high street so we set off from home on foot. Two hours and approximately three and a half miles later we reached the beach, about to collapse from the heat with Orlaith in tears having finished about a litre of water on the journey. We went into the closest beach club we could find and ordered fresh juices and fresh water and collapsed on some cushions in the shade over looking the water.

Tulum | Markets & Textiles


One thing I love about Tulum are the colourful market stalls. Yes, most of them are probably there because of the influx in tourists over the last few years, but they are so colourful and vibrant I couldn't help but feel drawn to them. Sometimes you can see through the back door in the stall and into their home, occasionally with an elderly family member resting on a bed or hammock inside, away from the Mexican heat. 

And another thing I love is, not always, but in some shops these items are hand made by the people selling them. There was a man who sat outside his hammock stall every day weaving hammocks with his hands. And I was chatting to another shop owner who was selling the most beautiful dream catchers laced with pretty stones. He opened a drawer and placed a huge dirty rock in my hand. It felt so light I was confused. He told me it was amber and pointed to the wonderful dream catcher I had been admiring with pieces of amber in it. Then he started pulling out more large stones, quartz, tigers eye and some others I didn't recognize. He made these wonderful things himself. It was really inspiring to meet these people who sell their crafts for a living.

Tulum | Gran Cenote


While in Tulum we couldn't miss checking out some of the cenotes close by. Warren did a scuba diving course and saw a lot more cenotes than Orlaith and I but we visited some as a family and Orlaith and I also tagged along with his diving buddies for a day and visited some awesome cenotes with them.

Gran cenote we visited as a family and spent the entire day there. It was a lovely place to hang out and dip in and out of the water. It was shaded and cool, which in the Mexican heat feels like a blessing, and the fresh, crystal clear water was nice and chilly, the opposite of the warm salty ocean.



We only stayed in Cancun for three nights. It was never really on our priority list of places to visit. I don't believe there's much culture left in Cancun, that is unless you're a fan of 'hotel culture'. But what do I know, this was my first visit.

We had booked an apartment in town for our stay but as we were driving there our taxi driver informed us we had chosen an unsafe area and not to go out at night, and then once we arrive there was no hot water and only air conditioning in one of the bedrooms. We couldn't even sit in the living room it was SO hot!!
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