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A couple of Sundays ago I spent an afternoon at the Jazz Club at Pizza Express in Dean Street. The Jazz Club mixes two of my favourite things, live music and pizza! I generally find the food at pizza express a bit hit and miss however on this visit I ordered a pizza called 'pollo forza' and it was really good! The only thing I think they need to work on is their staff who seemed quite unprofessional.

The wonderful entertainment on Sunday started with a gorgeous singer called 'Echo Wants Her Voice Back' followed by a stunning (possibly half-mermaid) singer called 'Calista Kazuko'. Both were amazing and extremely talented. I definitely had hairs standing up on my arms a few times during the afternoon.

The Jazz Club is the perfect place to spend the afternoon with family enjoying live music and eating Italian food. Make sure to book in advance because the place isn't huge and gets booked up. Find out about the upcoming performances on their website HERE.


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Ever since I re-painted my whole apartment about two years ago I've been wishing I had chosen a lighter paint. Back then I was a bit scared of choosing white as I thought it would make the rooms feel a bit cold so I went with magnolia, but as I've honed in on my personal interior style I've been drawn heavily towards white spaces and my desire to live in one has increased.

So here we are again, painting the apartment to create a space better suited to us. The two rooms we've completed so far have been totally transformed. Last time I painted the whole apartment in one go, but this time I'm taking things a bit slower, doing it room by room and taking breaks in between. I'm listening to my body because painting is an utterly exhausting process and really takes it's toll on me.  

I hope to share some of our brighter and de-cluttered spaces with you soon and perhaps try to dig up some pictures to compare it to.  But for now you can see some pictures of a much smaller Orlaith helping me decorate two years ago HERE, HERE and HERE.

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GIVEAWAY | A Salad For All Seasons by Harry Eastwood | CLOSED


You may know Harry Eastwood from the TV Series Cook Yourself Thin.  Famous for lowering the calories in our favourite dishes in imaginative ways, Harry Eastwood focuses on easy and reliable recipes and this theme follows through into her new cookbook, A Salad For All Seasons.

A Salad For All Seasons is filled to the brim with original and interesting salad recipe ideas (you can see one of the gorgeous salad's recreated by food blogger A Little Lusciousness here) and I am giving away one copy of the book to a reader of my blog. 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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A few weeks ago I had the joy of welcoming Orlaith into her 5th year of life. Yayyy. At Orlaith's request I put on a little party for her with a few of her close friends and she chose a Rapunzel theme. We played party games, had party food (everything is more fun with the word party before it!) and then had a slumber style screening of the film, Tangled. It was lots of fun!

Orlaith is turning into the most beautiful and sassy little girl. She wants to be a vet when she's older, she is utterly obsessed with animals and shows such kindness and maturity when she's around them. She loves reading and adores being read to, ever since she was little books have captivated her. She has the voice of an angel, she sings all the time, for hours a day, and she really has an emotional attachment to music. Whenever she sees a microphone she's straight there asking someone if she can perform on it because she loves to sing to people.

Orlaith drives me nut cakes sometimes, because she's so head strong and knows what she wants, questions everything and is always pushing the boundaries, but that's who she is and it also makes her an interesting and fun person to be around. She's already such an amazing kid and I think she's going to grow into the most amazing woman.  


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Healthy Snacks | Nakd


One thing I like to do is snack. I have a fast metabolism and a terrible snacking habit and have just never been satisfied with three meals a day.  So for me finding healthy snacks is a must, there's nothing worse than snacking on junk all day. I've done it before and it does nothing for my energy levels, my skin or my general health.

I started buying Nakd bars a couple of years ago. They're made with whole nutritious ingredients and they taste great! Let me start by telling you first what they don't contain. Naked bars don't contain additives, preservatives, GM, dairy, wheat or gluten and they have zero added sugar (apart from the new 'Trek' bars).  All Nakd and Trek bars are vegan and they contain lots of my favourite beauty foods including nuts, oats and fruits, and one bar counts as one of your 'five a day'.

So as I said we've been eating Nakd cereal bars around here for a couple of years. Our go to bars are the chocolatey ones (of course) which are made with cocoa, but I've recently been trying more of their flavours and I'm really impressed with how great (and accurate) their other flavours are.

We always have a couple of Nakd bars in our house. They're great to eat when you're feeling peckish, or for popping in your bag for an 'on the go' snack. We take them on picnics with us and whenever Orlaith has a packed lunch she gets one in her lunchbox. There's nothing better than being able to give your child a treat without having to worry about the amount of junk going into their body or about them going crazy from the added sugar.

Have you tried Nakd bars? And if so, which is your favourite flavour?

This post was written in collaboration with Natural Balance Foods.

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