Walking With Deer


Richmond is one of my very favourite parts of London. It's got everything you need, a bustling high street, a beautiful river walk dotted with lots of restaurants and bars, and plenty of green space including the amazing Richmond Park.

Richmond Park is the largest of London's Royal Parks (it's about three times the size of Central Park in New York) and is a national nature reserve that houses hundreds of deer. There are so many things that draw people to Richmond park apart from the deer, but seeing little Bambi's frolicking in the fields is always our selling point.

I actually don't visit Richmond Park as much as I'd like, which is silly really as it doesn't take that long to get there from my house, but London is a big city and there's always other stuff going on. Last weekend, however, I came good on my promise to Orlaith and I took her there with Warren to see the deer and I was so glad I did.  We all had a really lovely day.

Deer are such beautiful creatures. There were a group of males chasing each other and they seemed to be trying to mark their territory.  They were making big noises that sounded like loud cows and we watched them in fascination and one of the males seemed to be protecting a large family of deer.

We walked a lot, Orlaith climbed every tree she saw, played in the mud, picked very unripe blackberry's, made collections of conkers and stones and twigs, played with all the dogs and tried to go as close to the deer as she possibly could. Her dream was to pet one even though we told her she wouldn't be able to! It was great to see her keeping so busy in nature.


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A French Wedding


My friend Theodora's wedding was one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been to.  It was set in a grand Chateau in France on a gorgeous afternoon in May.  Everything had been planned meticulously down to the very last detail.

I not only had the pleasure of being a part of the wedding as a guest but I also had the honour of being one of Theodora's bridesmaids.  Along with the other bridesmaids, and family of the bride, we spent the day of the wedding all getting ready together.

The ceremony and canap├ęs were both held outside with stunning views over the quaint French countryside before we moved inside for the wedding dinner. A DJ was flown in from London to keep the music going (for pretty much the whole weekend) and the rest of the wedding day is a vague blur as a result of all the champagne I drank.

All I know is everyone woke up very happy and very hung over the next morning.  I had to walk around the chateau collecting all my belongings that got discarded at various points throughout the night like my camera, phone and shoes. The sign of a very good evening :)


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10 Must See Shows In London

There are a million things to do and see in London and I am definitely guilty of not making the effort to see the great shows that this city is famous for. I do make an effort to go to a show at least once a year, whether it's the theatre, ballet, opera or any other show that may catch my eye.

Here are 10 shows in London which mustn't be missed (current and upcoming). Some I've seen myself and some have come highly recommended by friends, family and lots of reviews. All are on my wish list.

16 Oct 15 - 26 Nov 15
La Boheme ENO
The English National Opera (ENO) brings you live performances sung in English at affordable prices (tickets start from £12). One of opera's greatest love stories, La Boheme is one not to be missed!

25 Nov 15 - 29 Nov 15
The Snowman Live
The Snowman is a childhood favourite of mine (and many many other people).  Now you can see the characters come to life while enjoying the stunning music from the film in the live show.

5 Sep 15 - 21 Nov 15
Photograph 51 Nicole Kidman
This one is a bit of a tease because it's already sold out (of course it is, Nicole Kidman's in it!) but if anyone happens to find themselves with a ticket I'd be incredibly jealous. The reviews for this play are wonderful and I really wish I was able to see it.

24 Oct 15 - 2 Jan 16
Elf The Musical
I always get so excited when Elf (the film) starts showing on TV around Christmas time. The reviews for the live show are brilliant, some even claim it's better than the film (I'll believe it when I see it). And for all those Girls Aloud fans out there Kimberley Walsh is starring in the live show this year. 

5 Oct 15 - 10 Oct 15
Ballet Boyz
When talking about ballet I could easily tell you to go and see The Nutcracker or Swan Lake (please do see them if you ever get the chance!) but I am so intrigued by this show. Ballet Boyz has received more 5 star reviews than I can count and reading through them left me itching to see it.

28 Sep 15 - 11 Nov 15
The Barber Of Seville ENO
Another English National Opera (ENO) production. ENO claims The Barber of Seville will have you smiling from the moment it begins. The whole performance is in English and tickets for the live show are available from £12. If you can't make it to London they are also showing The Barber Of Seville live at Vue cinemas across the UK. More details here.

Stomp has now been showing in London for 13 years! I saw it with my family when I was a kid and I absolutely loved it! It was so fun and full of energy with great music and dancing.  I think it's time to re-visit this amazing show with Orlaith.

28 Dec 15 - 2 Jan 16
The Nutcracker On Ice London
Because the Nutcracker ballet is so well known I thought it would be more fun to see the adapted 'on ice' version. It's had magical reviews, and because ice skating it so beautiful to watch I really hope to see this.

Les Miserables London
If you're not familiar with Les Miserables you must be living under a rock (no offence, but seriously). Les Miserables is one of the most beautiful, tragic, musically stunning musicals I've ever seen. I haven't seen it live for years but I've been determined to see it again since the film came out. 

Current - 6 Feb 16
Kinky Boots London
I haven't seen the Kinky Boots film yet, and I don't plan on seeing it until after I've seen the musical. The musical has had fantastic reviews, many people saying it's the best show they've ever seen, so it's definitely worth a visit!

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This post was written in collaboration with ENO.

A French Weekend


This year I put a travelling ban on myself. However I unfortunately had to break it because one of my best friends, Theodora, had her wedding abroad. I already popped over to France for the hen weekend in April (which you can read about here and here) and the wedding itself was held in the same region in France over three days in May.

After having problems with the car company I used the car I had pre-rented was not available, but I bumped into some other wedding guests next to me in the car hire queue (who I'd never actually met before) who let me catch a ride with them.

Weddings are always fun, but a whole weekend of celebrating and catching up with ridiculously old friends is an added bonus.  A whole chateau was rented for the wedding party weekend where the ceremony took place and for some of the guests to stay in. I stayed in a gorgeous room in the pool house which was a very convenient location for the pool party on the last day.

In between wine tasting, lots of French food, the wedding day, the pool party and barbecue I had the best time. Also it was a child free wedding so, it goes without saying, I was able to relax a bit more than I normally would if I'd had Orlaith there with me. Apart from the terrible hangover I had on the last day it was the perfect weekend.  


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