Leaving Orlando


Our time in Orlando has come to an end. We've seen our last sunrise and sunset here. We've soaked up the calmness of the lake and stored it in our memories to save. Hopefully forever. I had a good time here but I'm ready to head to Miami now and experience more.

Ilumi: A New Way Of Eating


Have you ever had those days where you can't be bothered to cook or you just feel like a bit of comfort food? Ever feel like getting a takeaway or buying a convenience meal that will be ready with no hassle involved on your part? I know I get those days.

I recently discovered a great food brand called Ilumi. Not only is all their food additive free but all their dishes are also nut, gluten and milk free too! They have a huge range of food with lots of options available for vegetarians and vegans and they're passionate about creating food without certain allergy triggers but without compromising on taste. 



We were chatting to our neighbour on one of our first evenings in Orlando and I asked him where he likes to go around here, as a local. He recommended Gatorland. So the next day we hopped in a cab and spent half a day there.

Gatorland left me with mixed feelings. There were big swamps filled with alligators and crocodiles. Great. There were also what seemed like very small enclosures filled with alligators. Not so great. It seemed that some of the 'guest entertainment' was just unfair to the animals. Such as a baby alligator being kept in a tiny glass box just big enough to fit its body and only taken out when posing for photographs with people, or a larger alligator with its mouth taped shut with a big queue of people sitting on it one by one and posing for pictures. We bought a package and this alligator posing was part of it, we did it, it made me feel horrible.

However, places like Gatorland are very important too. We discovered that alligators were listed as an endangered species in 1973, but because of conservation efforts, like those at Gatorland, they were taken off the list in 1987. No one wants to see an amazing species like the alligator die out but I wish animals didn't have to be exploited for our entertainment.

We're In Orlando And It's Amazing


I think the title says it all. We're in Orlando and it's amazing! We decided that we wanted to stay on a lake while we were here and enjoy a bit of nature. It was the best decision we could have made.

Buy My Work On Society6


I'm really excited to share with you some items up for sale on Society6. I showed some 'work in progress' pictures of a couple of these paintings and it was amazing to get so much positive feedback. Once I'm back from my travels I aim to add a few more items to the site but I thought four was a nice number to start with.

I've included a variety of pictures above to show you the kind of products you can buy. But of course you can buy simple prints too. In fact I get the most commission from print sales *wink wink*. I want to say a massive thank you for all the support I've received for my artwork, it's given me the confidence to carry on creating. It's a great gift to have so many amazing people leaving me such supportive words. 

You can visit my Society6 shop HERE

12 Travel Essentials For Long Flights

I would say I have a fair amount of experience when it comes to air travel. This year I've taken 6 flights and I have another 10 to 12 planned. And the most ironic thing is I dislike flying. A lot! So, the main aim for me while flying is to be as comfortable and as relaxed as possible.

As I'm boarding a long haul flight in two days and have my head in packing mode I thought I'd share some essentials I always take with me when flying.
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